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My Realm Pixie

 Yours Here

Welcome Everybody To My Cheers Page.

I hope you will have alot of fun reding these cheers and if you have any

and would like to share them just email me with subject name "CHEERS",

and i'll put them on the page.

Please sign my guestbook to tell me what you think.

And Know here is my favorite cheer!!!

Alright ok

I'm here to say

All my shouts

Are on the way

And who am I?

For what do I cheer

I think the answer

Is really clear

There's only one team

I go crazy about

Seryn Isle are the ones

For whom I shout

So hand me my pompoms

And my baton too

I'll be shouting out

Before the day is through

Gooooooo Seryn Isle!

Fairies visit, oh so sweet,

bring you luck, and leave a treat

of fairy dust...a magic spell,

and warmest wishes that you'll do well.

They pass the spirit on to you,

This spirit shows in all you do.

So Seryn Isle, let's have some fun,

and thank those fairies for all they've done.


Goooo Seryn Isle!!!!!!

I want to hear some shouting

I want to hear it load

And make sure when you shout it

That you shout it proud

Show that you are proud to be a Seryn Isle

And that you always will

Show your dedication

Let your never ending spirit flow

Show that you have what it takes

What it takes to be Seryn Isle

No matter what my happen

So cheer, cheer, cheer

Every single day

Show your spirit in every single way!

One, two - Don't feel blue!

Three, four - Cheer some more!

Five, six - Spirit Sticks

Seven, eight - Let's fight, Mate!

Nine, ten - And again...

Go go go! Ole ole ole!

Go go go! Ole ole ole!

This is the week,

we're gonna celebrate!

Go go go! Ole ole ole!

We're cheering for

the greatest team of all,

Go go go! Seryn Isle Elves, Ole!

1,2,3,4 - You know who we're cheering for!

5,6,7,8 - Who do we appreciate?

Seryn Isle Elves!

I know a place in the clouds

That place is full of joy and harmony

That place is one of love and friendship

That place my friend is one of Seryn Isle Elves

Who's going to rule the Site Fights?

Seryn Isle Elves , Seryn Isle Elves!

Why oh why!

Cause we're blasted with spirit dust!

We have the most spirit!

We are the Symbol for spirit!

Our rep is for being the most magical!

So Lets get out there and show them what we're made of!

Goooooo Elves!

We have hearts of gold!

We help each other

Even when we get made at each other

Call us, And we'll be there!

We are your wall

When you need shelter

From the troubles of reality!

Who are we?

The Seryn Isle Elves!

I'm a Spirited Elve,

Tall and proud,

Here is my spirit,

here is the fun.

When I get real fired,

up I fly!.

Shouting Spirits as I go!

Seryn Isle Elves are finally here!

C'mon everyone, start to cheer!

From sun to moon, moon to sun;

We'll always be fighting for fun!

And we're gonna cheer with all our might

C'mon everyone, fight fight fight!

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