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To My Spirit Page Two.

Hi everybody I just wanted to say that i won this set from The Seryn Isle Elves. I participated in the SPIRIT TASK and i've complited all the task in one week. So I'm going to use it for another spirit page. I alredy have two spirit pages but whats one more right? Anyway i will keep all the gifts on this page and some cheers and other stuff. You'll just going to have to visit very often, And then you'll see all the new stuff. Um.... The font that I am using is CAC CHAMPAGNE which you can get it HERE

I really like being a part of The Sery Isle Elves. I have been with the team for a little over one month but i really love it. So lets see I am a A Spirit Singer, Queens Guard, Spirit Quill, Rays of Light, and most of all I'am a Spirit Fairy for Dunicorns and they call me Fairy D'Moon. So as you can see i have alot of jobs to do but i love it. So remember i told you that i won this set and i just wanted to thank my Queen Lothlindorie and all the staff on The Seryn Isle Elves and most of all thank you to Domino Designs Please visit Domino Designs for some wonderful Graphics, thats were i get most of my sets and they are wonderful. Well i must go now but i'll try to update this page as aften as i can and please don't forget to sign my guestbook so that way i can visit you're wonderful site also. Please visit as aften as you wish thank you so much for visiting till next time.

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