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Hi there I'm the Wolf Lady Keeper.I wanted to welcome you to this wonderful site. I have put in alot of work in to this site but It takes alot to have a nice site. So I'm so happy you're here look around and tell me what you think In my guestbook,that way I can return the visit.

The artist that of this Graphics is great I love this set so much I just had to use It. Here Is one of my favorite picture. Here is a little story that you might like. "Primitive water, sounds and rhythms flowing through the earth...primitive source flowing wild." Get comfortable,breathe deeply and prepare to be guided back to your roots, the earth, your connection to the web of life. The entrancing, hypnotic vibration of the Australian didjeridu, masterfully played by Christopher, guides the first two pieces, Primitive and Source, the first on your magnificent journey to the center of the earth. The ever-present healing sounds of water flowing compliment, adding to the recordings ability to draw you deeper. Christopher's wordless vocals calm and assure, while transporting at the same time. Flowing features the djembe drum which provides a gentle heartbeat rhythm. The didj is back again on Wild, where we first hear the wolves (Christpher sang and played with the wolves at Wolf Haven in Tenino, Washington). Their haunting howls and cries are made all the more so with gong and a driving rhythm from the thunderdrum. This one is sure to draw you even deeper, if that's possible at this point! Also here is my code and banner if you wish to link back to my site.

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